3 Mayıs 2010 Pazartesi

Passion Presentation: Love :)

Dear Professor Helena Viramontes,
Dear Friends,

Welcome to my passion presentation!
I am very excited about my passion of "LOVE" through presenting my culture and country to spread the seeds of LOVE. Instead of a power-point, I wanted to write and publish some notes on my blog so that you can watch the videos again and read about the key notes, if you are interested in.  
Travel, See, Understand, Love!
I believe in God, Allah. I feel that we are all sisters and brothers of a big family. 
If you are hungry, I am hungry. If you are happy, I am happy. 
For this reason, I take every step in my life to help people, to share my food, to do my best for the others with unconditional LOVE. Love is one power that is reflected on many levels of our being: Physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and cosmic. 
How do you feel LOVE in your lives? 
Mevlâna Jalâluddîn Rumi said, "The religion of love is like no other." He did not wish to start a new religion--but to reveal the essence of all religion which is submission to God in love. All love leads toward God. All love is a metaphor, a symbol of real love. It is not necessary to replace one religion or no religion with another, but to purify our religion and ourselves with love.
We have ONE world. It was my destiny to be born in Turkey and raised in the Turkish culture. Now I am living on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean trying to meet new cultures, languages, musics, etc. We all have different colors, races, religion, histories, stories, passions in life, etc. Yet, we are like pieces of the One, the Beloved, the Pure One, etc. I see LOVE when I feel and think the 99 Names of Allah, also known as The 99 Most Beautiful Names of God. 
Asma al-Husna, the most beautiful names of Allah, describes how great LOVE is:
I think that if we travel the world, we can increase our understanding of others and see that there is no need for wars. I am dreaming a world where children are not killed by bombs. The "Haves" need to learn to share with the "Have-Nots"!

In this context, I wanted to share what I did to share LOVE through music, cooking, playing, singing. I hope you would enjoy!



Turkey is a fascinating country :)

Turkish Cooking Club: 

Cornell Middle Eastern Mediterranean Music Ensemble:
Turkey On International Night:

Fulbright Scholarship:

I hope you all chase your dreams! Ay-lin:)

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